Feature Overview: User Roles

When we added Currency Conversions, we also added a way for you to manage user roles in your Pulse account.

If you’re the only person that uses your Pulse account, nothing will change for you. But for organizations with multiple users, assigning specific user roles will allow you to do more – especially if you want some users to only see one account.

Now you can make sure other users are free to click around in Cash Flow and Reports while preserving your preferences that you want to set and forget.

To view and edit your users, go to Users (next to Settings). Here’s a detailed list that breaks down each role.

Account Owner

The Account owner has unrestricted access to all financial accounts and billing information. There can be only one – the person who set up the account. To change this, the current account owner must transfer their role to a new user. They can access the billing info and everything else in the account.


The Admin has unrestricted access to all financial accounts. They can set currency preferences and see the cash flow and reports for all financial accounts.


The User has limited access to financial accounts. Their access permissions are set by the Account Owner and Admins. Since they can only access the accounts that are permitted by the Account Owner or Admins, that means that they can only see cash flow and reports for those specific accounts.

Read-Only User

The Read-Only User has read-only access (obviously) to the Cash Flow and Reports for specific financial accounts allowed by the Account Owners and Admins.

If you have any questions about user permissions, or anything else – we’re here to help. Send us a support request, tweet us or talk to us in the app using the speech bubble in the lower right-hand corner.