1. Overcoming Seasonal Fluctuations in Your Small Business

    I have a friend who runs a small landscaping business. During the winter months, he turns his attention from mowing and pruning to clearing snow and assisting homeowners in winterizing their property. He also takes a vacation during one of the winter months, as opposed to the busy summertime when his services are in higher demand.

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  2. New Year’s Resolution: Understand Your Cash Flow in 2017

    The beginning of a new year is always a time for fresh starts. For a small business owner, it’s an excellent opportunity to examine past successes and failures and to move forward with your business in the most predictable and profitable manner possible. Understanding how cash flow affects your business is a great step in maximizing your business’s potential.

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  3. Feature Overview: QuickBooks Integration

    Here’s a more accurate way to project your future cash flow: integrate your QuickBooks Online account with Pulse. Only available to Plus and Premium account holders, this powerful addition will access your past and present cash on hand from QuickBooks Online and compare it against your past projections in Pulse.

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