1. Feature Overview: QuickBooks Integration

    Here’s a more accurate way to project your future cash flow: integrate your QuickBooks Online account with Pulse. Only available to Plus and Premium account holders, this powerful addition will access your past and present cash on hand from QuickBooks Online and compare it against your past projections in Pulse.

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  2. The Cost vs. Cashflow Conundrum

    Meet Dallas.

    He owns a small consulting firm in Atlanta. Yobro offers professional editing services to bloggers and writers.

    Dallas runs his entire business on his MacBook. While cruising through a client project one morning at his favorite coffee shop, Dallas manages to spill water on his… business.

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  3. What is Cash Flow Projection?

    You might have had a solid exercise regimen back in college. You might have saved money aggressively when you were still single. You might have tracked your earning and spending more carefully when you were a young freelancer lacking consistent cash flow.

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