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Manage your cash flow.

Enter your cash flow projections

Add single income or expenses to your cash flow for complete control.

Automate recurring entries

Reduce manual entry with powerful recurring income and expense logic.

View Detailed Transactions

Add multiple lines to a single item to make your cash flow easy to understand.

Adjust past transactions

If something needs to be edited, you can do that to any entry, at any time.

Dial in growth and expense curves

Anticipating some growth? Pulse can automate that, too.

Play with scenarios

Quickly see what would happen to your bottom line by toggling income and expenses on and off.

Visualize your income and expenses.

Track you cash flow over any time range

Monitor your cash flow by week, month, or custom date range. Check your cash on hand at the beginning of each month and view each day’s incoming and outgoing funds.

Organize cash flow into categories

Know where your money’s coming from and going.

Group cash flow by customer

Know who your best (and worst) customers will be.

Group cash flow by project

Quickly measure potential profitability on a project basis.

Connect your accounting software.

Quickbooks Online Integration

Sync at any time to get the latest transactions from QuickBooks Online.

Compare actuals and projections

By putting your accounting data right alongside your cash flow projections, you can compare your projections with your actual cash flow.

Less manual entry and errors

With a direction connection, you don’t have to worry about messing anything up.

Share your projections.

Invite collaborators

Share the work load with your team by inviting them to manage cash flow with you.

Share with investors

We offer read-only access so you can share cash flow projections with people who don’t need to make changes.

Attach files

Include proposals, invoices and contracts with transactions to audit or help evaluate income and expenses.

Export data and print reports

Easily export your cash flow data from Pulse to a CSV file.