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“Casimir Loeber from RealtyNinja tells us how Pulse takes the 'fear and stress out of cash flow projection and management.'”

How RealtyNinja Uses Pulse to Avoid Stress About Cash Flow
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“Pulse helps us monitor the heart-rate of our business and reconcile our monthly operational expenses.”

How boldUnderline Uses Pulse to Stay Financially Strong
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“Pulse gives the folks at nGen Works confidence in their cash flow.”

How nGen Works Uses Pulse to Make Better Business Decisions
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“After using Pulse at his previous agency, Carl came back to Pulse because it gives him a feeling of control over his business.”

Bureau of Digital Uses Pulse to Control Cash Flow
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“Cash flow is king, and yet, there are no tools to properly manage it. I think Pulse is really onto something. It took me about an hour to finish entering all of my inflows and outflows and share it with the other partners. I now have a really clear idea of where I need to tighten things up to hit my goals.”

Navid Safabakhsh, Freshout

“Pulse is perfect for those of us who are not accounting-minded and need something more automated than an Excel spreadsheet and less complicated than Quickbooks.”

Scott Allen, Founder/CCO, Monkeyfoot Interactive

“Pulse is the only app that has allowed me to easily see how my cash flow changes if I add additional income or expenses and plan accordingly. I would rebuild Pulse as a spreadsheet if you guys stopped offering it.”

Daryl Freier, Fine Council

“Pulse is exactly the application I was looking for when I was trying to figure out how to track eight accounts in a single view. It was very difficult with Excel and beyond my accounting skills.”

Karin Armstrong, UVic.CA

“Our company, which has offices in Milan, Italy and a network of more than 400 consultants worldwide, has been using Pulse for some weeks, and we love it because it’s simple and totally web-based.”

Simone Lovati, founder,

“Thank you for developing Pulse App. I have been using Excel to manage my cash flow for years, as there was no robust online alternative available. Pulse is excellently designed and has no junk features. It’s nice and simple and does an excellent job!”

Niall Kearns

“Pulse gives me a fluid overview of my cash flow that I can not achieve using my accounting package.”

Rachel, Boost New Media