We created Pulse because we needed a way to understand our cash flow and make smarter financial decisions for our small business.

In any business, it’s important to understand what your current and future financial situation looks like. It helps you plan, make decisions and change course if necessary. But, it’s tough to do that with accounting software alone.

While our accounting software allowed us to enter our income, expenses and invoices and view reports, it didn’t handle forecasts very well. It definitely didn’t let us add possible income and expense items to see how they would affect our bottom line into the future.

We built Pulse as a way to help small businesses (like ours) manage their cash flow more easily.

Pulse gives you the ability to understand your financial position at any time, past, present or future. While cash flow spreadsheets and accounting software focus on the totals, Pulse gives you the ability to make the tough daily decisions you face when running a small business.