1. The Cost vs. Cashflow Conundrum

    Meet Dallas.

    He owns a small consulting firm in Atlanta. Yobro offers professional editing services to bloggers and writers.

    Dallas runs his entire business on his MacBook. While cruising through a client project one morning at his favorite coffee shop, Dallas manages to spill water on his… business.

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  2. What is Cash Flow Projection?

    You might have had a solid exercise regimen back in college. You might have saved money aggressively when you were still single. You might have tracked your earning and spending more carefully when you were a young freelancer lacking consistent cash flow.

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  3. The 6 Things That Can Kill Your Agency Dead

    Stop me if you’ve heard this before:

    “I got into the agency business because I’m passionate about the craft. I don’t really know much about the business side of things.”

    Or how about this one:

    “I landed the biggest customer ever, and now my business is going under.”

    Or this:

    “We have tons of work coming in. Everyone is crazy busy, but we’re losing money.”

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  4. Pulse Got a Fresh Coat of Paint

    If you’ve logged in to your account today, you may have noticed that Pulse looks a little different. This afternoon, we pushed a small visual refresh of Pulse. It’s not a full-on redesign, but we think these small changes have made some big steps towards making Pulse easier and more enjoyable to use.

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