How Pulse Works


Track Income and Expenses

  • Import Income and Expenses

    Save time by importing your income and expense data from a CSV to your Pulse account.

  • Add Income and Expenses

    Add one-time or recurring items to your cash flow and add line items for each payment or deposit.

  • Group Income and Expenses

    Organize your income and expenses by account, category, company or project.

  • Adjust Payments

    Accurately project future cash flow by adjusting previous payments.

  • View Transactions

    See scheduled and past transactions for each income or expense item.

  • Attach Files to Transactions

    Attach files — like invoices or contracts — to individual income or expense items.

Monitor Your Cash Flow

  • Track Cash Flow by Date

    Monitor your cash flow by week, month or custom date range. Check your cash on hand at the beginning of each month and view each day’s incoming and outgoing funds.

  • Project Future Cash Flow

    Use Pulse to see the impact a new project, client or expense will have on your cash flow.

  • Export Data

    Easily export your cash flow data from Pulse to a CSV file.

Configure for Your Business

  • Add Companies

    Group Transactions by Company

    Assign income and expense items to specific companies and projects.

  • Income Categories

    Import Companies and Projects

    Import your existing companies and projects from Basecamp Classic and High Rise Import.

  • Create Categories

    Create Categories

    Stay organized by creating categories for your income and expenses.

  • Invite Users

    Invite Users

    Keep your coworkers, partners and investors updated by giving them access to your Pulse account.

Get Reports

  • Visualize Your Cash Flow

    Use reports to visualize your cash flow over time.

  • Run Reports By Category

    Use category reports to see exactly where money is coming in – and where it’s going.

  • Run Reports by Company

    Compare each company’s income against its expenses.

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